Store Locator Doesnt work on Front End

13 years 5 months ago - 13 years 5 months ago #37 by sysgenmedia
Store Locator Doesnt work on Front End was created by sysgenmedia
Some users have reported that the Front-End locator doesn't work. No map Shows up and sometimes users receive the javascript error: window.addEvent is not a function.

This is caused by Mootools not being included properly in your template. The most common cause of this is that your template is missing the standard Joomla Head Inclusion code. This would also cause the style sheet to not be included either.

Your template should contain the following:
<jdoc:include type="head" />

This line gets Joomla to put the correct header information in. This includes the page title, meta information as well as system JavaScript. For more information see: Creating a basic Template

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