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5 years 5 months ago #3557 by mcomella
Just getting started with this component. Works great. But I have a couple bugs.

1) Search by state is not working. I have about 8 locations with full address- and they show correctly on the map. None of them appear when searching by state. They appear correctly when searching by name or by zip or any other filter. Just not when I type in a state (such as "TN").

2) How can I remove all of Google Maps business locations? When I zoom in on the map I see their icons for business, etc.

3) How can I set the map marker with a link so that when the user clicks it, it will scroll to the location's details that I have set below the page?

4) Can I deep link to a location? For example, I would love to pass in an HTTP parameter such as "?locationid=4" and have the component operate as though the user searched for that name and show "VANDERBILT SKULL BASE CENTER", which has ID = 4 on the Location Manager 4.

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5 years 5 months ago #3558 by sysgenmedia
Replied by sysgenmedia on topic Search by state, remove extra items, show listing

1) Searching by state will only work if your radius is set large enough. The system searches from the center of the input location up through the radius... So if you search TN and the locations are not within the radius of lets say 50Mi from the center of TN nothing would be found. Either use a more specific query (i.e. zip code), give larger radius options, or setup a category for each state and let users choose a state that way if you prefer.

2) You could restrict (increase) the minimum zoom level in the settings so that it cant get close enough to show listings that way.

3) You would need to code that, its not something we support directly at the moment.

4) Not currently, but a Good idea though for future. I'll add it to the dev list.

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5 years 4 months ago #3567 by ANAUSA
Thanks for your help.

Can #1 be changed in a future release? This isn't intuitive for any use case I can image. The search radius should be from the boundary of the map object, not from the center of it.

Also, if a user enters "TX" in the search field, they should be presented with all locations that have TX as their state, regardless of their search radius.

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