Version 1.3 Released

13 years 2 months ago - 13 years 2 months ago #59 by sysgenmedia
Version 1.3 Released was created by sysgenmedia
Sysgen Media is proud to announce the immediate availability of our latest version of the Joomla! Store Locator v1.3.0.

To install: Just use the Joomla installer to install the new file. It will overwrite the existing files and leave all your locations and settings intact. Make sure to click the Upgrade Tables button after installation to upgrade your existing database.

This release adds one of the most requested features... Having the ability to use different marker icons for each category. The release comes with over 90+ pre-packaged icons available for your use.

We have also added language support. We didn't realize how popular our extension would be with international customers. Now we support the Joomla! language system so you can add your own languages and completely customize the text on the Front-End!

Also if you develop a language file we would appreciated you sending us a copy so we may include it in future releases.

We have also moved all the JavaScript to the head of the page to take advantage of parallel loading and decrease load time.

Here's a brief listing of major updates. See the changelog for additional details.
  • Joomla! Language Support
  • Speed Optimizations (Refactored JavaScripts)
  • Customize the Marker Icons - Over 90+ Icons Included!
  • Added Category Search Filter
  • Settings: Hide Search, Hide Results Lists
  • Updated International Character Support (UTF-8)

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