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5 years 2 months ago #3568 by Thom.bryson
Pre sales question was created by Thom.bryson
I have a csv with over 400 locations I need to import and map.

I have several questions before I buy.

1) when import, will the import tool auto create the latitude/longitude coordinates or will I have get those myself.

2) how many tags do i get per location?

3) sub categories: does store locator handle sub categories?

4) multiple drop down selection boxes.
I have several doctors offices that need to be separated by if they are a Professional or facility under one drop down and if they are an MD or PHD or PS-C. Or would it be possible that on the search screen to group tags by relevance together.

Thank you and the sooner I know this the better.

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5 years 3 weeks ago #3590 by sysgenmedia
Replied by sysgenmedia on topic Pre sales question
1) Yes, we can Batch Geocode the locations within the component.

2) Unlimited tags, although the more you add the slower it gets eventually, so its server dependent.

3) No, only one level of categories is supported.

4) You can use Tags and Categories to help sort the search criteria. Each is one level deep.

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