Identical ZIP Codes, Text-only results, more..

9 years 7 months ago #219 by mark77210
Hi Jared,

1. Can you explain again how identical ZIP codes are reconciled? For example, if I don't want to set the map to a particular country because I have the same ZIP Code which exists in more than one country. How does your extension handle multiple instances of the same ZIP without a front-end drop down for Country?

2. Can the extension be configured to only return text results? Could there be a front-end Map/Text/Combo toggle for the user to choose from?

3. The components' preferences are missing from the Demo but are referred to in the Custom fields section. What else is in the Component pref's?


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9 years 7 months ago #223 by sysgenmedia
Replied by sysgenmedia on topic Identical ZIP Codes, Text-only results, more..

Question 1
The map system relies on the Google API to determine the location of the search query. There are many factors that generate the results. The google search location is weighted by the location of the request. So if the user is in the US, then his results will be weighted by that factor and most likely will yield a US based location.

If the user adds the country to the search query that will determinately set the search from that county, and you may want to indicate to the user that they should type a country my modifying the instructions line in the language file.

Question 2
Currently we only have a map view option, but we do have plans for a text only based results page in a future release but do not yet have an eta on that. If you need something like that sooner, we are available to make customizations, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Question 3
Below is a copy of the help file, which explains all the parameters:

* Google Maps API Key: Enter your Google Maps API Key. This is required. Get Your Free Key
* Include MooTools: Include MooTools Library from Joomla. Disable if you have conflicts. (Default Enabled)
* Include CSS: Include Default Style sheet. Adds a head tag to import the style sheet. (Default Enabled)
* Safe Uninstall: Setting this to yes will preserve your database tables on uninstall and r-install. (Default Enabled)

* Enable Directions: Adds a directions box to each marker popup. (Default Enabled)
* Enable Zoom Wheel: Enable Zoom Control on the Map with the Mouse Wheel. (Default Enabled)
* Enable Terrain: Enable the Terrain Map Type (Default Disabled)
* Enable Search: Enable the Front-End Search functionality. (Default Enabled)
* Enable Category Search: Enable the ability to filter search results by Category. This is also limited by the available categories set in the Menu Item. (Default Enabled)
* Enable Results List: Enable the list of locations to appear next to the Map. (Default Enabled)

* Map Width: The width of the Map Area in pixels.
* Map Height: The height of the Map Area in pixels.
* Default Map Type: Set the default Map Type that is visible on load (Deafault Roads)
* Map Controls: The maps contain UI elements for allowing user interaction through the map. These elements are known as controls and you can include variations of these controls on the map. (Default Large 3D Pan/Zoom)
* Units: Set the units for search radius. Miles or Kilometers. (Default Miles)
* Radius Allowed Options: A list of allowed values to be shown on the search radius dropdown. The list is independent of the units. The list must be Comma-Delimited.
* Default Radius: Set the default Radius for the search dropdown. The value must be in the allowed values list above. (Default 25 mi/km)
* Map Max Zoom Level: The maximum zoom level when returning search results. This will prevent the map from zooming in too far when there are few search results. (Default 13)
* Max Search Results: The maximum number of locations returned in search results. Must be greater than zero. (Default 100)

* Show Locations on Load: If set to Yes, locations are shown upon initial load. If set to No, then no locations will be shown on load. Total locations are still limited by Max Search Results. (Default Yes)
* On Load Zoom Mode: If set to Auto, and the Locations are shown on load, the map will zoom to show all current locations. Otherwise it will use the settings below. (Default Auto)
* Map Default Zoom Level: The default zoom level of the Map Area. (Default 3)
* Map Default Center Lat: The Default Center Latitude of the Map Area. (Default 40)
* Map Default Center Lon: The Default Center Longitude of the Map Area. (Default -100)
* Base Country: Sets the geocoder to bias search results as if they were sent from the country specified. (Default: None)

* Custom Field Label 1 :The Label for the Custom Field. (Default: Custom Field 1)
* Custom Field Label 2 :The Label for the Custom Field. (Default: Custom Field 2)
* Custom Field Label 3 :The Label for the Custom Field. (Default: Custom Field 3)
* Custom Field Label 4 :The Label for the Custom Field. (Default: Custom Field 4)
* Custom Field Label 5 :The Label for the Custom Field. (Default: Custom Field 5)

* Show Sysgen Media Link: If set to Yes, a small tagline will appear beneth the component with our copyright and link to our website. We appreciate the support!

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9 years 7 months ago #225 by mark77210
Replied by mark77210 on topic Identical ZIP Codes, Text-only results, more..
:) Thanks for the prompt response. I look forward to using this extension - the features and support look great.

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