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map function inquiries

4 years 5 days ago - 4 years 5 days ago #3704 by kikamarketing
map function inquiries was created by kikamarketing

We are currently testing your Joomla Store Locator plugin into one of our sandbox site using
a test Google Maps API Key.

Below are some back-end / front-end issues that we are currently encountering:

1) Calculate coordinates not working on when adding a new location on the Location Manager.

We have to use another tool to generate the coordinates for the address and manually
encode the latitude/longtitude when adding the location on the Location Manager.

2) We have a valid address with a Zip Code of 37040 in Texas, USA, but when searching it
it on the front-end map, the search yields no results.

3) For the location clustering, we have a cluster in the US, which we used light-green for the
category, but the cluster's color is blue.

Please advise on how we can fix these issues.

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