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Need Further Detail

4 years 11 months ago - 4 years 11 months ago #3577 by jkwalton
Need Further Detail was created by jkwalton
Re- Openx Intergration Module Instructions

If you have created and plenty of room for several zones side by side in a joomla module position can you type in their IDs separated by a comma in the OPENX ZONE ID Text box?

Another question what about when the advertisers campaign banner comes to the campaign finish and a new advertiser books an ad in the same space/zone do we need to update anything or is this all automated?

Finally will this extension work with-
- the latest revive ad server 4.02
- Joomla! 3.6

Thanks for the much appreciated free extension!
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4 years 9 months ago #3630 by sysgenmedia
Replied by sysgenmedia on topic Need Further Detail
Sorry for the delay, i hope you got this worked out. Wasn't expecting a comment in this forum :)

1. I am not sure, i think you would need separate modules for each ID, but you can give it a shot either way.

2. No need to update anything, it should automatically fill whatever new ad should be in the module. Thats all handled on the openX side.

3. Havent tested it in a while so let us know :)

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