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Kaos Lacrosse was created by nlandis
The Store Locator

Sysgen Media modified the Store Locator for Kaos Lacrosse so that their sponsors, Lax.com and Lacrosse Nation, would appear at the top of the search listings regardless of the search.

If you're interested in this feature, please let us know!

About Us:
Everyone wishes they could rep their pride on their sleeve. Kaos Lacrsse is creating an army of people that play harder and live Kaotic! The ready for anything, toughnosed athlete. Our mission is to creat a product that gives lacrosse players the opportunity to represent their passion off the field. A product for those that deal the big hit, run hard, and pay the price on every ground ball. Apparel that represent hard work and determination. It's time to put away those pink and floral designs. It's time for Kaos!

Sysgen Media Employee
More to come...

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