Manumission - Skin Care for Extreme Athletes

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About Us:
Manumission was born alongside the guys in the ring and on the field. The guys wearing the uniform, on the job, punching the card and above all getting the job done. The guys who choose to put themselves in the thick of the fight each and every day.

We decided it's time somebody recognizes the sacrifices you make day after day. That's why we engineered the first comprehensive line of personal care products specifically for you. We started by combining natural ingredients. Then we added vitamins, nutrients and anti-oxidants to give the body’s first layer of defense every advantage possible. Once we had the formulas just right, we battle-tested them to make sure all Manumission products are tough enough to do their job when it matters most.

Personal care isn't only about looking good, it's about feeling confident to accomplish your mission wherever and whatever it may be. Because it’s more than your body on the line, it’s your reputation.

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