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Version 2.1.1

Released April-13-2014

  • Added: Ability to set Page Meta Data from Joomla Menu Item Parameters. (Keywords, Description, Robots)
  • Fixed: Unicode Character Encoding issues
  • Fixed: Cannot Save Twitter Username
  • Fixed: Cannot clear an article in menu item once chosen
  • Fixed: Added Missing Language Strings in Map view and Module
  • Fixed: Removed Extraneous Category Search Parameter


Released April-13-2014

  • Added: Ability to set Page Meta Data from Joomla Menu Item Parameters. (Keywords, Description, Robots)
  • Fixed: Unicode Character Encoding issues
  • Fixed: Removed Extraneous Category Search Parameter


Released Jan-12-2014

  • Fixed: Hide List on load causing width resize issue upon search . Changed to use responsive classes.
  • Fixed: Unicode Characters imported Incorrectly.


Released Jan-12-2014

  • Fixed: Marker Upload bug in Joomla 3.2 - Incorrect filter type on input field


Released Jan-12-2014

  • Fixed: Unicode Characters imported Incorrectly.

Version 2.1.0

Released Nov-5-2013

  • Added: A Fully Responsive Layout
  • Added Address Column to Location Manager with related filters
  • Added: Ability to Export an Example CSV, rather then giving instructions
  • Added: Marker Preference Tags implemented
  • Fixed: Address not required on manual coordinates
  • Fixed: JDatabase->escaped has ben deprecated. Changed to jDatabase->quote($string, true);
  • Fixed: Missing System Language String: COM_STORELOCATOR_MAP_VIEW_DEFAULT_TITLE
  • Fixed: Custom marker icons not showing on map
  • Fixed: Strict Standards: Only variables should be passed by reference
  • Fixed: Batch Geocoder showed static number of locations to geocode.
  • Fixed: Batch Geocoder not saving locations and/or crashing. (used a reserved word 'long')
  • Fixed: Missing All Tags Option, when tags are in Drop Down ModeAdded: Updated Search Module to support Joomla! 3.x

Version 1.8.3

Released Nov-5-2013


Version 2.0.2

Released 7-9-2013

  • Added: Updated Search Module to support Joomla! 3.x
  • Fixed: Article Selectors Missing in Menu Items
  • Fixed: Error when showing an article before or after store locator: "StorelocatorHelper" not found.
  • Fixed: Fields cust2 and cust3 were transposed in the DB and Interface (thanks rvillela)

Version 2.0.1

Released 6-14-2013

  • Added: Joomla 3.1 Support Added
  • Added: Tag filter options added to menu items
  • Added: Ability to show or hide category on results and map popups
  • Fixed: JHtml::_('behavior.framework'); replaces JHtmlBehavior::mootools();
  • Fixed: Category search when limited categories are shown
  • Fixed: spelling errors on Geocoder. Layout Tweaks.
  • Fixed: When search limit was set to zero and logging was enabled, all searched were limited.
  • Fixed Search Limit text displaying when No results

Version 1.8.2

Released 6-14-2013

  • Added: Tag filter options added to menu items
  • Added: Option to hide category filter in menu items
  • Added: Ability to show or hide category on results and map popups
  • Fixed: Search limit not functioning as expected


Released 5-29-2013

  • Added: Joomla 3.0 Only. Joomla v2.5 and lower should still use version
  • Added: Completely new codebase for Joomla 3.0


Released 4-7-2013

Minor Bug Fix and Feature Release
  • Added: Marker Cluster Options - Google MarkerCluster, and Spiderfier Support. Great for Large Data Sets!
  • Added: New Location Fields - Start Publishing, End Publishing, and respective functionality
  • Added: Search by Name Field (this is more explicit thant the old method)
  • Added: Tag Search Mode - ANY or ALL
  • Updated: Large Dataset Speed and Stability Enhancements
  • Updated: When Icon Preference Mode is set to "Tags", and a Tag Search is performed, the marker icons will show the searched for Tag Icon.
  • Updated: Removed legacy table upgrade code
  • Updated: Removed search by name failover. Replaced by seperate field.
  • Fixed: Google Map Images Issue when max-width was set by theme
  • Fixed: Map width bug when "Hide List on Load" was Enabled.


Released 1-13-2013

Minor Bug Fixes
  • Fixed: Map width bug when "Hide List on Load" was Enabled.


Released 11-1-2012

Component Update: Major Feature Release AND Bug Fixes
  • Added: Imporved Batch Geocoding Error Reporting with Location Specifics
  • Added: Joomla 1.6,1.7,2.5 Menu item Title Support
  • Added: Auto Detect Line Endings (Helps with CSV Import)
  • Added: Batch Geocoding Error message when allow_url_fopen is disabled
  • Updated: Enhanced CSV Import/Export Abilities. Better utilazation of fputcsv/fgetcsv
  • Updated: Add Description and Published Fields to Import/Export
  • Updated: Changed Full Address Field to Description Field
  • Updated: Rearranged Settings
  • Updated: jQuery Detects jQuery before attempting noConflict mode
  • Updated: Sidebar width now controlled by CSS
  • Updated: Minor Layout Changes
  • Updated: New Install Screen Layout
  • Fixed: Grouping Limits on Tag Results
  • Fixed: Renamed Params Var in Javascript to be unique (resolves some extension conflicts)
  • Fixed: Missing Default Settings on Map Size and Include CSS
  • Fixed: Removed all instances of legacy DS constant
  • Fixed: Batch Geocoding Limit Set Wrong in Error Messages
Module Update: Version 3.0
  • Added: Category & Featured search Options
  • Fixed: Removed deprecated code


Released 06-07-2012

Minor Bug Fix and Feature Release
  • Added: Allow Sorting of Results by Custom Fields
  • Added: Allw setting of Sort Order Direction (Ascending vs. Decending)
  • Updated: Google Maps v3.9 Integration (IE9 Compatability Enhancements)
  • Fixed: Error with Tag Search Enabled Globally, but Disabled on Menu Item


Released 04-24-2012

Minor Bug Fix Release
  • Fixed: "No Results" flashes at beginning of search
  • Fixed: PHP Notices appeared when adding new Locations manually.


Released 04-03-2012

Minor Bug Fix Release
  • Added: Route File - Fixes Joomla SEF routing Issues
  • Fixed: jQuery noConflict Bug - Google Suggest Needed Conflict Resolution on AJAX Callback
  • Updated: jQuery noConflict Bug - Moved noConflict code to Component area, Added jQuery Check


Released 02-12-2012

Minor Bug Fix Release
  • Fixed: Search by Name Broken by Tags
  • Fixed: Geocoder broken by Tags

Version 1.7.5

Released 02-03-2012

Minor Release with Many New Features and Bug Fixes
  • Added: Joomla! 2.5 Support
  • Added: Tag System - Icon Overrides, Multiple Tags Per Location, Tag Filters
  • Added: Google Suggest - Clarify Search Terms when the Location is Vague
  • Added: New Loading Options: Hide Results List Before Search, Show only Featured Items
  • Updated: Refactored JS File Again
  • Updated: Removed Legacy Marker Code in JS file. Now feeds from DB into XML
  • Updated: Added Joomla Routing to Search Module
  • Fixed: Custom 5 Fields overwritten by Custom 4 Field
  • Fixed: jQuery noConflict Updated based on bug reports
  • Fixed: Missing default settings added to JS
  • Fixed: Removed deprecated PHP join functions

Version 1.7.0

Released 12-07-2011

Major Release with Many New Features and Enhancements
  • Added: Google Maps API v3 Support (Key no longer required)
  • Added: Google Maps API SSL Support - Enhanced Data Security!
  • Added: Many New Search Options: Hide Radius, Sort Options, Search by Name
  • Added: Location Link Options, i.e.: Open in new Window, Open In Parent Window
  • Added: jQuery noConflict Mode option, attempts to fix some jQuery compatibility issues
  • Updated: Improved J1.7 SEO routing
  • Updated: Refactored JS code
  • Updated: Map Navigation Option parameter removed (depreciated in v3 api, to be replaced in a future update)
  • Fixed: Removed undefined variable notices in admin area
  • Fixed: Mass delete of large record sets timeout

Version 1.6.3

Released 11-20-2011

Minor Enhancements, Bug Fix Release
  • Added: Now can choose unlimited categories to filter on front end
  • Added: Option to show a Joomla Article above or below the component
  • Added: Category Search Mode (Dropdown Menu or Checkboxes)
  • Fixed: Google API v2 Nov 2011 Update Patch (Fixes 'b is not a function' error)
  • Fixed: Ajax Calls now add base uri to account for nested folder paths

Version 1.6.2

Released 08-16-2011

Bug Fix Release
  • Fixed: Featured/Unfeatured Icon had wrong image path

Version 1.6.1

Released 08-15-2011

Joomla 1.7 Support Release
  • Added: Joomla 1.7 Support
  • Updated: Module to version 2.1 (Adds support for Joomla 1.6/1.7)

Version 1.6.0

Released 06-28-2011

Major Release with Many New Features and Enhancements
  • Added: Joomla 1.6 Support
  • Added: Frontend Search Filter for Featured Items, and Parameter to Enable Filter
  • Added: Default Sort Parameter to set sorting of results list on load, Default Alphabetical
  • Added: Enhanced Error Reporting for CSV Import of Locations
  • Added: New CSS Settings for Joomla 1.6 and added featured
  • Updated: Numerous Bug Fixes Based on Forums and User Feedback (Thanks Everyone)
  • Updated: Removed Depreciated PHP Functions
  • Updated: Joom!Fish Content Element File to add support for additional fields
  • Updated: Enhanced International Language Support
  • Updated: Improved JS to account for new flow scenarios seen by users

Version 1.5.2

Released 01-13-2011

Bug Fix
  • Fix: Batch Geocode not saving results - Needed an update to work with the new table security.

Version 1.5.1

Released 01-11-2011

Bug Fix
  • Fix: Markers not showing on initial page load

Version 1.5.0

Released 01-09-2011

Major Release with Many New Features and Enhancements
  • Added: Marker Manager and Custom Marker Icons
  • Added: New Fields - Featured,Email, HTML Address, Facebook URL, Twitter Account
  • Added: 5 Custom Fields, with Parameters for Custom Field Labels
  • Added: Published Status, Native Joomla Access Control (Public, Registered, Special)
  • Added: Param: Ability to Toggle Credits
  • Added: Param: Define Radius List
  • Added: Param: Base Country - Allows Search Results Biasing towards selected Country
  • Added: Advanced Menu Item Params to toggle visible fields in Bubbles and Sidebar
  • Changed: Default Radius from Radio Options to Text Field
  • Changed: Menu Item Parameter Handling
  • Changed: Enhanced Marker Chooser for Category View
  • Changed: URL field now displays as a "View Site" link rather then the printed URL
  • Changed: JS Include now follows standard MVC model
  • Updated: CSS Theme Enhancements, Support for new featured
  • Updated: Installer Script to Setup Marker Image Folder
  • Updated: Upgrade script now supports upgrading old tables for new fields
  • Fixed: JS file enhancements, Enhanced Module Support

Version 1.3.6

Released 9-01-2010

Major Bug Fixes and Compatability Improvements
  • Fixed: Categories missing in frontend search filter when no menu item assigned
  • Fixed: Improper use of mysq_escape_string replaced
  • Fixed:Removed reference to old javascript file
  • Fixed: Added missing variable declaration in locateplace model
  • Fixed: replaced split() function with explode() - Function deprecated
  • Updated: JS mapping of marker icons is now DB driven. (required for future updates)

Version 1.3.5

Released 8-05-2010

Bug Fixes,  JoomFish Support
  • Added: Joom!Fish 2.0 Support now Included
  • Updated: Refactored JS to be a PHP include. Decreases Load Time, Optimized Scripts.

Version 1.3.0

Released 7-07-2010

New Features, Changes & Bug Fixes - Major Release
  • Added: Joomla! Language Support, Removed Hard Coded Text from Front-End
  • Added: Category Based Marker Icons - Over 90+ Included
  • Added: Category Search Filter
  • New Param: Hide Search Functionality
  • New Param: Hide Result List next to Map
  • Updated: UTF-8 Import Support Improved
  • Updated: Refactored JS as an Include File
  • Updated: Moved Google JS to Head Includes (Speed Improvements)
  • Updated: Component Title now pulls Menu/Page Title
  • Updated Param: Separated Show All from Default Map View
  • Updated: Distance no longer shows on Load, originally said (0.0) for all entries
  • Updated: Distance is now on its own line
  • Fix: Changed wording of Default Radius to mi/km
  • Fix: Numerous Bug Fixes and General Usability Improvements

Version 1.2.1

Released 6-01-2010

Bug Fixes
  • Bug Fix: Fixed importing CSV files with UTF-8 characters
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Display of UTF-8 characters in Front End Locator Display

Version 1.2.0

Released 5-22-2010

New Features, Changes & Bug Fixes - Major Release
  • Added: CSV Importer / Exporter
  • Added: Batch Geocoder via Google Geocoding Web Service - Encode batches of addresses
  • Added: Sortable Columns, Search and Category Filters to Location manager
  • Added: Paging to Location Manager
  • Added: Upgrade Script to convert old tables to new schema
  • Added: GUnload() to help release memory used by Google Maps especially in IE
  • Added: Viewport Biasing for Search - Makes the current map view slightly biased for Geocoding search location
  • New Param: Added Support for Kilometers or Miles
  • New Param: Choose from available map control options
  • New Param: Max Search Results - Limit Number of Returned Search Results
  • Updated: Changed table names to match official script name
  • Updated: Changed layout of Marker Info Bubbles
  • Updated: Module updated to work with 1.2
  • Updated: Module now supports Kilometers option
  • Fixed: Bug in XML generation caused errors when rendering names with Ampersands

Version 1.1.1

Released 4-21-2010

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Installation Error that appeared on some MySQL Configurations

Version 1.1

Released 4-09-2010

New Features & Changes
  • New Param: Set Max Zoom Level on Search Results (Prevent map from zooming in too far)
  • New Param: Show all Locations on Map by Default on Load (Rather than an empty Map)
  • New Param: Set Default Search Radius
  • New Feature: Added Spinner graphic next to Locate Button to indicate search in progress
  • Updated: Rearranged Component Parameters Page
  • Updated: Component modified to support new Search Module
  • New Module: Quick Search module (Perform Searches from another Page on your Site)

Version 1.0.1

Released 3-29-2010

New Features & Changes
  • New Param: Set default map Center to a specified Latitude/Longitude
  • New Param: Set default map Zoom Level
  • Changed legacy default view name to Map

Version 1.0

Released 3-25-2010

  • Initial Release


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