OpenX Integration Module for Joomla!

OpenX Integration Module for Joomla!Joomla 1.5 Native Joomla 1.6 Joomla 1.7 Joomla 2.5 Compatable The OpenX Integration Module for Joomla! allows you to easily implement your OpenX ads into your Joomla site module positions using the OpenX Single Page Call method.This optimized display method drastically improves load time of pages with multiple OpenX ad modules. Instead of making several calls to the ad server for pages with multiple ads, a single call loads the page much faster, without the delays associated with rendering each zone individually. Works with both locally hosted instances of OpenX as well as remotely Hosted OpenX configurations. Visit for more information about OpenX.

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Optimized OpenX Ad Integration for Joomla

Drastically Improves Load TIme!

Supports OpenX Source 2.6 or later / OpenX OnRamp (Hosted Edition)

This module was adapted from the official OpenX Module for Joomla:

Sysgen Media is releasing this module Free of charge to help contribute back to the Open Source Community.

Installation / How to Use

How to install the OpenX Integration Module for Joomla!
To install and configure the module:

  1. Go to Extensions - Install/Uninstall
  2. Upload the OpenX module Zip file
  3. Go to Extensions - Module manager
  4. Find OpenX Integration Module and click name to open the setting of the module
  5. Enter the URL of your OpenX invocation header script.
    1. You generate invocation code for a single page call at the website level, rather than at the zone level.
    2. Login to your OpenX Admin area
    3. Go to the Websites & Zones -> Website properties -> Invocation Code Tab.
    4. Follow Screen Prompts and choose your options. Then click Generate.
    5. Retrieve the source URL of the JavaScript Header Script.
  6. Enter the zone ID of the OpenX ad zone you wish to display in this module position
  7. Choose the position in your Joomla! template where you want to display the Ad Zone
  8. Enable the module
  9. Your ads should now appear!

To create multiple ads, copy the module and repeat steps 4 - 8 for your other positions and zones.

License Information

The Store Locator component is released under the GNU GPLv3 license.
Alternatively, for a human readable version of the license visit the Creative Commons page.
Your usage of the Google Maps API must meet the Google Maps Terms of Use

The Store Locator Joomla Component is Developed and Maintained by Sysgen Media


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